EG 07-09-19

P.59 Residential tenancy law in Wales - looks as the many ways in which the law is different than in England. Compulsory landlord registration and licensing, complete re-writing of residential tenancy law next year, retrospective conversion of existing tenancies to one of two standard occupation contracts (public and private sector), banning of certain tenant fees, etc.

P.61 Managing Agents. Recommendations in the Report on managing agents - independent regulator, code of practice, higher standards, standardised form for information on expenditure, wider use of sinking funds, etc. Will the government accept the recommendations - time will tell

P.62 Business rates. The next revaluation will be in 2021. Retailers have suffered sometimes doubling of their rates bill. Industrial and logistics rents are rising which means they will pay much  more business rates from 2021.

P.64 Brill round up of the law of Basement extensions!! For construction costs of £4k per sq.m. you can increase a London house value by £7.5-10k per sq. m.! Permitted development (‘PD’) rights for basements may exist but engineering works to create it may need P.P., Buildings Regs, Party Wall Act,  listed buildings, etc.

P.66 Local Plans. Laments the delay in councils preparing local plans as only 58% have adopted them since the 2012 NPPF! It can take years for the inspectors to approve them too.

P.67 Reflects on the impact of Rotrust Nominees v Hautford 2018 on the question of whether a landlord can refuse consent to change of use or assign, and how ‘collateral advantages’ aren’t good reasons, plus one bad reason in a number of good reasons to refuse will not mean that the landlord is unreasonable.
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