EG 23-01-21

P.13 Surprising news that the London office market is still attracting major occupiers and record breaking rents, despite COVID

P.15 Magna Capital spend £20M on proposed office to resi schemes from small investors and others, but has lost the lot! Not all office to resi is a goldmine..

P.16. Back to the office? The end of home working after the pandemic - some of the worlds biggest office occupiers are back-pedalling on plans to make remote working the norm.  A hybrid model is more likely

p.32 Data and reputational risks from cyber threats. Nothing really property related in the article but useful awareness raising

P. 35 New use classes - Looks at the effect of the new use classes. The next step proposed is to lump C3 residential into the new Class E (!!) to address ‘the housing crisis’. LAs are concerned by the change and future lack of control. ‘Life sciences’ like r&D or similar may find this makes it easier to fit in PD rights in city centre

p.36 First of a new monthly series on break options in leases (currently a hot topic). Many tenants now owe a whole years rent, Ls aren’t likely to forfeit but Ts are eager to break! Outlines the basis of break options and what you need to do to operate them successfully. Recommended reading as it deals with the usual problems and practice.

p.38  Public rights of way - what are they and what can landowners and developers do to protect their interests, eg s.31HA80 signs and notices

P. 40 Plain English in legal documents, a crusade supported by Kanye even. Totally agree with this article = read it and follow its suggestions

P. 42 Looks at what the proposed changes to the leasehold extension regime announced last week may end up looking like in practice as a result of the end of ‘marriage value’ on leases with under 80 years left to run - not as much as you may have thought in some cases, but further detail is urgently awaited.

P.43 Northwood Solihull v Fearn [2020] EWHC 3538 - not far from me this one! S s.8 notice is not required to be executed by a corporate landlord granting a resi AST,  in accordance with s.44 Companies Act. A confirmatory certificate when given by a corporate landlord ( in relation to the tenancy deposit scheme)  *must* be executed in accordance with s.44. 

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