EG 12-12-20

End of year round up of what has been happening over the year in news and numerous articles talking about the changes to retail post covid and with online sales, and possible uses for empty office and retail spaces - even ‘temporary farms’ in retail units!

Good series of articles about the future of auctions, and distressed properties 

P.75 Legal year round up with a Xmas theme, listing all the important cases of the year, in case you missed them, and a short summary of the key points in each - a must read!

P. Do barristers have a place in the modern world? A property litigator lists some good reasons why the bar is past its sell by date and a barrister explains why the bar still has a place.  A lot of general civl litigators know relatively little law but a lot of bravado and procedure IMHO. Any research is bundled off to trainees bar a quick peek at PLC!

P.80 Telecoms - part 3 of an essential review of the big changes in this area and to come

P.82 Review of the important SC case of Alexander Devine and relaxation of restrictive covenants in the interest of charitable issues and the warning against deliberately breaching them in the hope that this will be able to get you off

P. 84 Mitigation of business rate tactics options. 

p. 85 Duties of property professionals to report suspected money laundering

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