EG 20-02-21

P.21 Office take up drops across big six cities !

P.36 Arrears, eviction and enforcement - where are we now. Useful article summarising the often confusing regulation affecting recovery of possession and arrears of rent on both residential and commercial sectors and looks at what’s next

P.39 Insurance market is hardening on commercial property - tips for owners seeking insurance

P.40 Back to basis - the importance of getting lender’s consent to transactions not just sales of part, but grant or release of easements, grants or releases of covenants, assignments of leases out of the charged property, further charge, deeds of variation and so on. Its a must read if you have never read Fisher & Lightwood!

p.41 Accounting for disrepair. The recent changes in accounting standards IFRS 16 Leases (which deals with all aspects of leases) has big changes on how accounts are to deal with the short-term rental of property, these should be shown as a depreciating asset in the balance sheet. It also affects the way in which dilaps should be dealt with, affecting profit and other issues. Few accountants are up to speed on this it seems

P.44 More Telecoms wars.. looks at recent cases on the new TCC

p.45 Jurisdiction in apportionment of service charges  Aviva Investors Ground Rent v Williams [2021] EWCA 27 - concerns the jurisdiction of the FTT in determining service charges

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