Estates Gazette EG articles 3rd Nov 18

This weeks articles in the esteemed organ of surveyors are as follows:

P. 61 The new accounting standard IFRS16 means that the lease liabilities (such as future rent etc. payments) will need to be shown on company balance sheets. The article considers what this will mean for commercial lease - such as shorter leases instead of longer leases with break rights?, More turnover rents, less 5 year review, etc…!

P.63 Brainy article by Guy F. QC on whether rent on lease renewals should be discounted to compensate for lack of rent free period

p.64 Even more brainy article by Jonathan Settler QC and his barrister daughter respectively arguing that easements can/can’t be lost by abandonment, worth a read indeed

P. 66 What will the roll out of 5G mobile networks mean for landlords? Especially with the difficulty in moving them caused by the new Code 

P. 67 Mines and minerals title insurance. Often excepted and reserved, what does that mean in practice for developers and should you insure against IT.

P.68 Discusses the problems with CPO powers in general

P.69 Looks at the case of TW Logistics V Essex CC 2018, where a working commercial quay was registered as a Town & Village Green and whether it can still be used as a working port!

Other non-legal articles of interest review the state of play on retail leases, with the interesting fact that most vacant retail leases take a whole year to let! Strong tenant arguments for long rent-free periods!
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