EG articles 19-01-19

Been away for a week hence delay..

p.26. Brexit='Frustration' of an agreement for lease? That is what is being argued in the High Court in  an attempt by the European Medicines Agency to avoid having to take a £13M a year lease in Canary Wharf till 2039 with no break clause (who on earth agreed that one!). This could open the floodgates if the argument is successful. Watch this space..

p.30 Build to Rent (as opposed to Sale) is growing apace across the country, with institutional investors piling in..

p.34,35,26 - Govt proposes expansion of Permitted Development  to allow change of shops to residential and upward/roof extension, and PD rights for  demolition of commercial premises for residential!

p.51 Commonhold back on the agenda? Considers the problems of and the  proposed reforms to the largely ignored regime to try and make it more useful and popular.

p.53 5G is being tested in the West Midlands in early 2019. What will the impact off the new Telecommunications Code be?

p.54 Party Walls. Great article explaining how the party wall regime works, particularly in relation to the new fashion for basement extensions.

P. 56 Enfranchisement - What is a flat, looking at a recent collective enfranchisement claim in the High Court that considered a claim failed as the initial notice was void as it had not referred to a number of uninhabitable recently constructed flats, which were still 'flats' within the Act

p.57. SUDs. looks at the recent changes in the Welsh regulations, that came into force on 7th Jan. A Must Read for anyone dealing with development or plot purchases there..

p. 58 Employment law cases that will shape 2019. Not sure why this is in a property mag, but there you go.

p.59 How do you determine who the landlord is for the purpose of serving notices (in connection with service of possession proceedings by a landlord(s).)

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