Estates Gazette 16h March 2019

This week's edition comes with the glossy Investors City Guide that sets out where is the best place in the UK to invest in property with a useful run-down on what is happening in each major city and how property prices and rents are going

p.20 Savills are predicting a drop in the volume in property transactions in the coming year with Brexit and everything else..

 and p.25 reports that investors are nervous (aren't we all!). p. 26 talks about a 'pricing correction ' for property prices. On the other side p.28 reports that UK industrial property has been changing hands more!

Legal articles

p.53 Mobile phone mast rental values are going to be hit, following the decision reported last week and this article considers the implications

p.55 Community Infrastructure Levy and s.106 contributions. Looks at the current consultation exercise on the proposed changes to pooling, indication, funding statements, etc., and the case law on the inter-relationship with payments under s.106 agreements.

p.56. Must read for anyone dealing with Overage  - understanding the commercial triggers for the payment of overage - planning, sales, meaning of disposals,  calculation, equalisation, positive obligations and security/restrictions

p.58 Estate Agent's commission. The recent Wells v Devani Supreme Court  decision - the need for and the enforcement of contracts. Oral conversations need to be documented and for Agents, this needs to comply with the Estate Agents Act 1979

p.59 'For Profit' affordable housing is becoming attractive to investors as opposed to housing associations

p.60 Releasing or modifying restrictive covenants - applying s.84 LPA25 to leases - where the term is 40 years or more and 25 years of the term has expired - looks at case law in this area - it may be less costly for a tenant to pursue this that may have been thought

p. 61 Another article on the Estate Agent's commission case above

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