EG 08-06-19

p.57 Brill article setting out what landlords and managing agents have to do to comply with the Tenant Fees act 2109 that took effect on 1st June. A must - esp if you are a trainee still renting!

P. 59 Another article about the business rates case in Hewitt v Telereal Trillium 2019 which held that even though no-one wants to rent a big old & dated empty office block, it still has a ‘rateable value’ and has to pay business rates

P.60 What is a lease and what is a licence. Good reminder of the court’s approach to deciding this question and the latest case of Tareem on this point, compared with the property guardians case of Camelot V Khoo

P.62 Essay about everything that is wrong with the L&T (Covenants) Act 1995, in relation to AGAs, guarantees and sub-guarantees. A useful reminder of the minefield created by recent case law on the subject. Worth a read.

P.64   There are lots of schemes to avoid Business Rates and some work, some don’t - looks at the chances of success of some schemes

P.65 Overage and ‘reasonable endeavours’. Looks at the courts interpretation of this and the recent Gaia Ventures v Abbeygate 2019 case where the builder found that all the points that triggered the obligation to pay the overage only came together a couple of days after the overage expired (funny that!) - it was held this was deliberate manipulation and they had to pay the £1.4M due!

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