EG 20-03-21

p.51 Holiday lets from Hell. What is a holiday let, is it subject to the Protection from Eviction Act 1977?,  how long can they be for?, do the guests have to have a proper home? How do you recover possession from holiday or non-holiday guests!

P.53 Electric Charging points - practical issues involved when installing them. Wayleaves,  planning, insurance, title issues, electric supplies, leases, maintenance and usage rights, security of tenure..

P.54 Using a Concurrent lease as a financing tool. No, I didn’t understand it either..

P.55 Serviced office lets are on the rise - what structures could you use - management agreement, with revenue share?,  lease direct to operator, or a co-lease? Useful table setting out the options.

P.58 Planning system in Wales - what is being proposed at present

P.59 Adverse possession of an access way claim fails because the claim of use was equally consi

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