EG 05-12-20

P.43 Options or drawing on rent deposits when dealing with an insolvent tenant. Must read article for property litigators especially. Goes through the types of rent deposit, the triggers for drawdown, how a CVA, Administration or Liquidation affects it, etc

p.45 Responses to the planning white paper and their possible effects on the planning system

P.46 Dilapdations - the effect of the Pullman Foods case (asbestos contamination left on site) and the Capitol Park case on giving vacant possession and the effect of invalidating a break clause when too much was stripped out by the tenant !!!

P.48 Retail out, logistics in = Topshop out, Amazon in? What will this men for urban sites, electric vehicles, pricing etc

P.50 What 5g means in practice and how does it compare to other countries ?

P.51 Next step in the Hilton Manchester saga. North West Ground Rents, a  ground rent landlord has been ordered to spend £5m on repairs to a reversion only worth £400k, where the main contractor, Carillion had gone bust.  This one will run and run.

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