EG articles 12th Jan 19

Non law:

p.17 Local authorities are the new buyers of comm prop! They bought nearly £2bn of it last year. Why? They can borrow cheaper than normal investors and need to generate income to replace the abolition of financial support from the Government. Perhaps cozy up to your local council to get work?
 p.19 And as they pile into it, rents and returns on Comm Prop are falling, esp retail...but industrial and logistics are doing well p.27 points out that retail suffered the worst Xmas since 2008!

p.38 Move over skinny lattes at 'Bucks, its Bubble Tea time. Bubble Tea shops are the new Big Thing. Have you tried it? (personally, it sounds disgusting!).

Legal articles

p.49 The biggest L&T case in 2018? S Frances v Cavendish Hotel defined what Ls need to prove to oppose '54 Act renewals on the mandatory ground (f) - intention to redevelop, reconstruct or carry out substantial works and cannot do so without obtaining possession. Here L created a scheme specifically to get T out, and admitted it wouldn't do the works if T left voluntarily. Supreme Court held it could not prove the ground as a result. This may mean Ls increasingly refuse to give security to anything but the best covenants.

p.52 Quick refresher on implied easements Wheeldon & Burrows and s.62 LPA25. Don't overlook this when buying or selling, especially on sales of part..

p.54 The new Service Charge code becomes mandatory on surveyors from 1-4-19. What will the consequences be for landlords recovery of service charge costs?

p.55 Telecommunications Code - 1 year on - what has been the impact for operators and landowners with masts on their land?

p.56 Agricultural - changes in tax rules for machinery and capital gains needs to be taken into account

p.57 More of the Frances case above and the implications of this decision on landlords and tenants
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