EG 17-10-20

p.15 Landlords are fighting back against Tenants - some are demanding getting the properties back rather than accepting the tenants will occupy rent free or for a low rent.
p.19 - proposed rules to make Pre-packs fairer & ‘blood bath’ predicted in the hotel and hospitality sector
P.52 - What options are available to landlords who find themselves with abandoned premises? Excellent article giving options for L where Ts simply ‘abandon’ the property without any communications with L. Is is a surrender & what would be needed for that? Forfeiture? Damages? Break rights? Residential tenancies? What are the practical options?
P.44 Outlines the proposed reforms to pre-pack administrations requiring independent scrutiny of sales to connected parties , often on a massive discount to asset value, raising questions about cosy deals between IPs and those appointing them.
P.56 Employment law and covid - can employees return to the office, SSPm holidays and self isolation, client meetings and can an employee refuse to attend the office?
p.57 Guidance on the challenges facing real estate employers as they navigate the Covid rules
P.58 Climate change - how will this work alongside the policy framework to provide a greener world?
P.60 How can farmers and landowners work with develops to satisfy the new biodiversity net gain objective set out in the draft Environment Bill?
P.61 Pengelly v Business Mortgage Finance 4 pLC [2020] EWHC 2002 left the borrower able to pay off the charge by just repaying the principal because of massive undisclosed commissions paid to mortgage brokers was in breach of fiduciary obligations. A warning - Also makes me wonder why are we as solicitors required to be open and yet the referral commissions paid by lenders to the supposedly independent mortgage bbrokers are hidden. End all secret introducer commissions and make it fee paying only I say!
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