EG 04-01-20

2020 Visions
p.51 Predictions of the year ahead - appeal cases coming up on - what are the formalities for a valid deed (not a forgery), what creates a periodic tenancy, what constitutes occupation at the end of a lease for security of tenure, more on Ground (f), contacting out notices, telecoms code, restrictive covenants, rights of light & to privacy, etc

p.54 what’s coming in 2020 in planning law terms - accelerated planning green paper, more homes, more funding, an Environment Bill, etc

p.56. What do logistics tenants need in their leases - given the increase in tech requirements  - uninterruptible power supplies,  uprated title insurance values to cover fit out costs & tech, security and protection of Intellectual property of the tenant, more flexibility for alterations, tenants right to insure and more..

p.57 - Employment law changes in 2020 - more rights and information needed for zero hour workers, changes to holiday pay, IR35, etc

p.58 2020 for resi property - no s.21 evictions, Law Commissions proposals on leasehold enfranchisement, ability of L to vary other leases in a block where there is a L enforcement clause , etc  in the lease, Watch this space…

p.59 Building contract enforcement by the liquidator of the builder - against the client and their counter claims - plus could a third party finance the action or would that be ‘champerty’!

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