EG 2nd Feb 19

Various news articles charting the rise of Build to Rent, billions being poured in by investors

P.45 Thought provoking article about getting the most return from commercial property leases, which might not occur to comm prop lawyers, such as making sure tenants pay all charges, refuse to accept schedules of condition rather than a full repair clause, include toilets in the demises rather than in common parts, ensure empty property rates relief belongs to the landlord, ensure you can reallocate parking so you can let some of it out to third parties, agree a wider user clause to get 10% more at rent review..

P.49 High Street stores and CVAs - a comparison with what is happening around the world as high street landlords face the same pressures.

P.52 The last days of unregistered land. Did you know that though in some parts of the UK about 87% are registered, about 30% of central Birmingham is unregistered! It looks at the common mistakes with land charges searches

P.54 Don't overlook the cashpoint- how ATMs affect commercial leases. Things like sharing occupation, security of tenure, yielding up, user clauses, alterations and break clauses are often overlooked. Worth reading!

P.56 Ownership of property by companies rather than by individuals has become popular again as a result of tax changes, despite ATED & SDLT…

P.57 Looks at the recent Stemp v Ladbroke Gardens case and the right of the landlord to forfeit the residential long lease for non payment of a demander payment of costs of maintenance, and whether this was waived by the landlord. The result was it wasn’t waived and the costs were payable in short.
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