EG 19-10-19

P.21 UK resi rents rise at fastest rate in 3 yrs!

p.35 > News from talks at the recent MPIM UK event - Brexit etc

p.46 Mainly for Students article giving an outline of contract law  & other jurisdictions

p.57 Legal issues for landlords regarding use of drones by occupiers or future drone ports!

p.59 Can a landlord vary the tenants absolute covenants in one lease (e.g. not to keep pets) , and if they do will they be liable to the other tenants (A- yes)? Also if it is a qualified covenant (eg re alterations) is it any different (A-yes) . Looks at the impact of the recent Duval v Randolph Crescent CA case. The Supreme Court ruling on the appeal will not be known for a few months

p.60 Excellent article on guarantees & indemnities, commercial benefit arguments between companies (eg non-group cases) and risks to directors of the guarantor, plus risks of setting aside. Must read!

p.62 Planning - Following the Fulford Parish CA case, there is now important confirmation that  non-material changes CAN be made to reserved matters approvals (RMAs) under s.96A TCPA90, not just planning permissions, and that planning conditions can be attached to RMAs.

p.63 Article outlining the problems for smaller builders with the planning system’s complexity, CIL, PD rights and so on. A window into the practical side of small developments

p.64 Sustainable or ‘Green’ loans - what is the current landscape? Good outline of what are Green loans, the eligibility criteria, the benefits and what is on the horizon for this class of lending.

P.65 Can a lease be disposed of by way of gift? York House (Chelsea ) Ltd v Thompson. Was the grant of various leases by the married joint freeholders of a block of 42  flats in Chelsea exempt disposals under s.4(2) of LTA87 and thus not requiring s.5 notices to the lessees? This was an intriguing attempt to prevent enfranchisement by granting leases or areas with development potential (e.g.airspace). The grants fell within the exemption so it was successful!
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