SuDS adoption down the drain?

The proposed issue of Sewers for Adoption 8th edition has been binned by Ofwat issuing a revised system making Water and sewerage companies (WaSCs)to take over and adopt surface water sustainable drainage areas. Whilst WaSCs are undoubtedly the best organisations to run and maintain these facilities - vital to ensure new homes are not flooded, it means that the more sensible mandatory standards in the Floodwater and Management Act 2010 that apply in Wales (not being subject to the all powerful housebuilder lobby) will not apply in England. From what I can see the aim is to shift the cost of running and maintaining these off the developers back and onto the local water companies who will end up having to increase their general water rates to cover the long term costs of maintaining them. More information here    and an excellent and very readable guide to this whole knotty subject from the pdf you can download from here

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