Estates Gazette EG 20-October 18 legal articles

Sorry, bit later this week but here goes:

P67. Employment law (?!) Unconscious bias in the workplace and diversity

P.69 More SDLT  for foreign buyers - we all hate it and it is planned to charge foreign buyers of residential property an extra 3%! Naturally us poor lawyers will be the tax collectors and take the risk on this one it seems. 

P.70 Valuation issues on the Law Commission’s proposals for reforming lease extension. Compares the options put and the impossible challenge of creating a fair way without penalising landlords too much. Worth a read, if you are in this industry

P. 72 Can a fraudster claim negligence against the solicitor acting for them. Takes the biscuit this one, you do a fraud, the solicitor does’t register the transfer and then you sue the solicitor for negligence - the fact you have committed a fraud is no defence!

P. 73 Certificates of Title - limiting liability to third parties.  A must read for anyone doing corporate support property work preparing certificates of title

P.74 Looks at a hugely important Court of Appeal decision on legal professional privilege and explains how it works

P.75 Surveyor’s negligence - what is the correct measure for damages for a negligent valuation - diminution in value or the cost of the cure? The answer may not be the one you are expecting - cost of the cure?
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