Estates Gazette 17 Nov 18 - article summaries

Bumper brainy articles in this one - need an expresso before you read them this week!

P.65 - Damages for rights of rights claims and restrictive  covenant breaches. Looks at what ‘negotiating damages’ means - more complex than a one-third Stokes and Cambridge approach. More subtle and could mean less

P.67 Good one looking at what your legal redress do in practice if your building site is beset by protestors and activists - injunctions and so on

P.68 Erudite article about how you interpret ambiguous documents - two Law lord's (Sumption and Hoffman) different views - contrasted

P.70 Repossession by lenders under their common law power of sale is unlikely to be allowed and they will need to issue court proceedings

P.72. The Telecoms code - you aren’t going to be successful in trying to prevent an operator getting access to your land for a survey

P. 73. Landlord ‘Cheerupmate2' (yes, really) loses its claim for re-entry of a flat for non-payment of a tiny amount of ground rent

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