EG (Estates Gazette) 8 Sept - Leasehold, Electronic signatures and un-socialing your tenants

Leasehold reform. Great article on the Law Commission's proposed overhaul of leasehold. How are you going to make it cheaper for leaseholders to extend their leases but at the same time make sure landlord's don't lose financially. Impossible. Someone has to lose. Simplification of the regime is long overdue, but it will only be a few weeks till we see their plans

Electronic signatures. Outlines the Law Commission's proposals, but which exclude transfers of land, mortgages and leases for more than 7 years from their proposals. Land Registry are looking at this too, but the fear of fraud hovers above everything. IMHO you can't beat good old 'wet ink' for certainty and security!

Can you stop your tenant from slagging you on twitter or social media? A growing number of landlords are imposing covenants preventing tenants from posting adverse comments on social media! This covers not only confidential or commercially sensisitive information (which could perhaps be understood) but also preventing complaints about the management of the development, or the rent, flammable coverings, overcharging, etc. Worth reading!


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