EG 31-08-19

P. 53. Survey of the most important cases recently in the battle between mobile phone mast operators and landowners. There have been many articles on the problems for landlords of the new Code, the collapse in rentals and the increased powers given to Telcos - worth a read

P.56 Sustainability - reviews policies and trends in the real estate area. Fairly general in approach..

P.58 Hallman v Harkins 2019 - Beneficial interest in trusts of land - the FTT did NOT have power to decide the shares owned by two tenants in common when an issue of an application by one owner to register a restriction on the title was referred to them - just the question of whether it should be registered or not. 

P.58 Herons Court v Heronslea Ltd 2019 CA - Held tenants had no ability to sue an approved inspector who allegedly negligently certified building works. The tenants tried to get round that general principle (decided by HL in  Murphy v Brentwood  1991 by arguing there was a duty under the Defective Premises Act 1972, but failed as CA held the duty under s.1(1) only applied to those designing the work, not inspectors

P. 59 Grenfell type cladding - looks at the proposed Private Sector ACM cladding compensation fund set up by Govt., how you apply, and the effect on litigation issued on this matter
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