EG 02- 03-19

p.34 Many local authorities are buying property, inside and outside their area, to get income, as they can borrow cheaper than most other organisations. Article looks at one such authority that has spent £1 billion in the last three years!

p.40 Looks at all the development happening at the 'South Bank' - London's investment hotspot


p. 53 Great article about settling your dilapidation claims before the lease ends. why its a good idea, tips on how to do it best, interaction with break notices, and protected tenancies. A Must read!

p.55 Another article about the collapse of the Canary Wharf v EMA  'frustration by Brexit' argument case last week, and the property sector is relieved by the judgement. However the tenant has till 29 March to appeal, and as there is £500M at stake it may well!

p.56 Reform of the Right to Manage for residential tenants - looks at the Law Commission's proposals on this area

p. 58 Lease or licence? Looks at the Woww v Gani decision where it was held that there was no 10 year oral lease, and the case law in this area. Worth reading too!

p.59 Residential Letting fees - the game is finally up for some of the most ridiculous scam of some letting agents charging tenants more for letting fees that it would cost to do the conveyancing on the flat in question! Looks at the new regime in force from this summer.

p.60 Property litigators give their verdict on the areas of law that are most in need of an overhaul. The 1995 and 1954 Act, squatting and break options are in there

p.61 Another analysis on the Frustration case mentioned above, Brexit and the arguments in the case
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