EG Estates Gazette 27-10-18 Article summaries.

P. 53 Development Horror Stories! In time for Halloween this article lists the problems that can befall development sites plus a brief outline of what you can do. Bats,Newts, Ancient Monuments, covenants & TVGs

P. 55 Mobile phone masts and the Telecommunication Code, good summary plus a couple of excellent one page flow charts setting your rights (if any) to move a mobile phone mast off your land

P.58 Excellent summary of the legal problems faced by buyers of commercial property with solar panels on their roofs, rent-a-roof leases, Contractual considerations, lenders attitude. A tricky area as often clients sign up to these without any legal advice at all and no idea of the complexities they can cause

P..60 Short articles on TVG decisions and problems in 1954 Act notices

P.61 Breach of covenant against assignment case. - its no defence to say your transfer hasn’t been registered

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