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Property news section - Retail and office landlords are increasingly giving incentive packages to get tenants - rent frees for example

Brexit & frustration - the EMA lease case, latest news is the appeal to CA might not be until March 2020!
More than one third of empty high st banks have been converted to restaurants & eateries. 

Legal articles

p.49 Part 2 of an excellent series for commercial lease practitioners. Lease specifications should be prepared for retailers with substantial holdings. Particular issues - Scaffolding protection provisions (access and the Xmas period), Exclusion zones preventing competition, repayment provisions, break clauses, uninsured risks, energy performance & MEES, monthly rents, shop fronts, alienation, AGAs, rent suspension, service charges exclusions, rights granted and reserved, keep open covenants and side letters are dealt with! A must read

P.51 Council planning depts have the money but half again the number of applications to deal with compared to 2000. Looks at the problems of getting them to deal with your application

P.52. What difference will the proposed scrapping of the compulsory s.21 notices for AST’s have on the rental market? What is the existing system , what are the current restrictions on service of s.21s, what are the proposals and when all they come in, and what will be the effect?

P.54 Enforcement of ‘fencing easements’ High Ct decision in Churston Golf Club reversed by CA… its not enforceable !

p.54 Access by landlord to a residential property under the provisions of the lease were permissible

P.55 What are the legal impacts of Electric Vehicles on property?

P. 56 RICS new code for Commercial Leases, mentioned before - looks at the main changes in store for property lawyers and surveyors if implemented in the form proposed. If you haven’t read about this already you should do as it is going to happen

p.57 Looks at the Wellesbourne Airfield case where the tenants claim for a new lease didn’t get off the ground (lol) as the landlord wanted to knock their buildings down, close the airfield and offer it for residential development, despite the fact there was no guarantee planning would be obtained. (End of an era - I did flying lessons there years ago! Houseowners affected by the noise nearby will be delighted though...)
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