Estates Gazette - 26-01-19

p.30, 31, 34 offices - the future and the death of the commercial lease?  A number of articles announcing significant 'flexible offices' from Landsec and also the fear that organisations like WeWork might take leases in SPVs and simply fold the companies if they don't work out financially are worries for landlords renting to them. Landsec's documents are only 3 pages long! Is this where we are heading?

p.32 In another interesting move, Grosvenor estates one of the 'great estates' of  London  if you haven't heard of them, that owns 1.75m soft of retail space let alone its residential and office portfolio) new innovation board has announced that they intend to overhaul the leasing process, making their leases short, simple and electronic (!), king them easier to understand as 'the old language is not helpful for tenants', also 'I don't believe having longer leases makes it safer for either the landlord or the tenant, so reviewing the language and length and relevance will be key', and also 'plug and play' space for office occupiers. The writing is on the wall for the current leasing model, me thinks... what does the future hold for solicitors dealign with this type of work?

Legal articles

p.49 Making gender inclusivity the norm. Looks at the duties on employers

p.51 Article about the report of the Civil Justice Council on Alternative Dispute Resolution, suggesting a stronger encouragement of ADR, and in particular suggests that this should be compulsory in relation to boundary disputes.

p.52 Another brainy debate (or family argument?) on the subject of Restrictive Covenants. Arguments by Jonathan Seitler QC that it is not easy to overcome the significant hurdles for an applicant under s.84 LPA25, and also Miriam Seitler arguing against him that the courts are increasingly prepared to vary and relax covenants. A must read!

p54 & 55  A very useful checklist of issues for new tenants and start up companies on commercial leases, lease length. repair obligations, fitting out costs, connectivity, etc.

p56 What is 'legal professional privilege' in the context of an internal investigation by a firm of its conduct of a matter in the case of dispute or allegations?

p. 57 Looks at the recent case of Burgess, and the duties of care in tort in construction cases

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