EG Estates Gazette 6th October - legal articles update

P.115 Proptech and privacy. Scary article showing how a landlord or employers building tech could be used to build up data about you, big-brother style, and even be sold to others/used for employment law issues or even sold for marketing purposes! Remember - if you don’t pay for a product (such as that app on your phone), YOU and the data you produce using it are the product that is being sold..

P.117 Conditional fee agreements by Surveyors acting at expert witnesses - one for the property litigators perhaps

P.118 Trespass. How do you get trespassers off commercial land? Not just the obvious but also tenants who haven’t moved out at the end of their lease, Looks at county court, high court and also asks whether it should be criminalised

P.119 Brexit and the effect of the Agriculture Bill 2018 - what will it all mean for the rural sector such as farmers?

p.120 Break clauses in leases! Will a tenant who fails to comply with a condition of a break clause always lose that break as a result?. Barrister Miriam Seitler  says YES and Jonathan Seitler QC (her dad?) says NO. Brilliant summary of the arguments on both sides and the dangers of getting this wrong

P.122 The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Phase 2 deadline is 5 December 2019. Non compliance can cost a fine of £50k. Outlines who is affected, what they have to do and so on

P.123 Lord Hoffman’s legacy to the development of the law of interpretation of documents is had the effect of stopping insolvent companies from commencing Construction Act adjudications. One for the construction and insolvency specialists
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