EG 13-02-21

P.39 Investors are hunting out resi, build to rent and PRS is awash with cash!

p.40 The environmental protection post Brexit - review of the likely results , what the govt is promising, their stance on climate change and so on

P. 44 Am I insured for Covid? Workthrough of a situation for an owner of a commercial hairdressing premises. Are they able to claim under their Business Interruption insurance?

p.13 Scots law and the implementation of the regulations requiring the persons with a controlling interest in land

P.46 should post-termination non-compete restrictions in employment contracts be banned. Not property but worth a read on a personal basis if you contract has one. There is consultation on legal reforms in this area to ban them

P.47 Green paper on reform of public procurements regimes 

P.48 Brexit and the great betrayal of British farmers  - worth reading if you do Ag work

p.49 Telecoms Wars again - paper suggesting that operators and owners should talk and negotiate rather than the huge volume of litigation currently going on

p.50 Powell& Co Investments v Aleksandrova [2021] UKUT 10 - service charge dispute over whether the charges were payable as they had not been certified by a chartered accountant in accordance with the provisions of the lease. There was only a certificate from the managing agents. UTT held they were not payable even though the managing agents certificate included a limited report from a chartered accountant.

P.50 Discussion of the current conflicts in case law when an RTM company seeks to acquire part of an estate where there are a number of blocks in the estate.

P.51 Breeches of covenant. Kent v Guest [2021] EWHC 51- s.30(1) successful opposition by a landlord to a renewal of a racehorse trainers lease on grounds (a) - failure to repair,  (b) - failure to pay rent  & (c) - other covenant breaches (waste and rubbish all over it).

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