Lets start a Revolution in Client Reporting!

I have had so many non-lawyer commercial surveyors and retail clients on my courses complaining how impenetrable and unhelpful their lawyers reports were, that I thought I would start a revolution and suggest a more clear, structured and more client friendly version. I get property professionals coming on my courses as they don't seem to get explanations of anything from their own solicitors in a format that takes into account what THEY need as opposed to what the solicitors have been doing to suit them. We need to wake up and join the rest of the service industry and this is my small attempt! Have a go, better still come on my courses about clear reporting!

So if you go to the Resources Tab
you will see my suggestion - tell me what you think. Obviously the key is that there is NO one-size-fits-all to effective reporting. The important thing is to give the client want they NEED not what fits with your personal precedents. I showed it to a number of retailer and other clients who said it was excellent and they are going to get their panel lawyers in and tell them they don't want to get a closely typed essay which rambles on in an archaic language, they want a modern business report!

Viva La Revolu├žion

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