Completion Notices - A Christmas tale..

Read this blog I did for InTouch.. Scary!Completion Notices - A Christmas Tale. Be careful what you wish for…December 22. 2014  Posted in:  ConveyancingHannah MackinlayPicture the scene - the pre-Christmas completion frenzy is in full swing and hard-pressed conveyancer Sue is trying to complete Mr. & Mrs. Jones sale. The buyer fails to come up with the money on the day of completion
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The future of CPD training? My six penn'orth

‘CPD Points’ are dead - but what will replace them? Are we ready to move to the next level?The scrapping of the solicitors CPD accreditation and points scheme by the SRA from October 2016 is controversial. In its place  firms will have  to certify annually that their staff have competence  in their respective areas of law.To put it bluntly the question COLPs have to ask themselves
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Intro to Comm Prop

Really good two day course in Leeds the last two days, nice group of people, I felt that I really helped them and I got good reviews to boot!
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