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Lets start a Revolution in Client Reporting!

We need to make our reports more client orientated - this is my suggestion. Suggested modern format for report on lease (PDF) . You can download the Pages version of this here. You can download a Word version here but it will probably need reformatting as Word is not a portable document format and may look different on different

Resources for commercial property

Commercial Leases

Reference sources

Property Development. Le Chat 3rd Edition
EVERY comm prop solicitor should read this. Comes with a CD of excellent precedents. Only £110

A Practical Guide to Planning, Highways and Development.
Complete bargain for £50, worth much more

Development Land:Overage & Clawback. 2nd Ed Jessel

The Law of Easements. Gale

Restrictive Covenants. A practical guide. Francis

SDLT - Cox & Woolwich
. The best book on SDLT

Ross - Commercial Leases
Mainly for students - Glossary of words used in comm prop Click here
Got a client who wants a fast good and cheap service? Click here

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