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Lets start a Revolution in Client Reporting!

I have had so many non-lawyer commercial surveyors and retail clients on my courses complaining how impenetrable and unhelpful their lawyers reports were, that I thought I would start a revolution and suggest a more clear, structured and more client friendly version. I get property professionals coming on my courses as they don't seem to get explanations of anything from their own solicitors in a format that takes into account what THEY need as opposed to what the solicitors have been doing to suit them. We need to wake up and join the rest of the service industry and this is my small attempt! Have a go, better still come on my courses about clear reporting!
Suggested modern format for report on lease (PDF)
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One of the best resources for residential conveyancers is the Bold Legal Group run by Rob Hailstone.

Being a member of the BLG will also mean that you (and your colleagues), amongst other things are:
  • quickly notified, of all new SRA Fraud/Scam Alerts, and all new Law Society Practice Notes.
  • kept fully up to date with the development and progress of new initiatives like improvements to the Conveyancing Quality Scheme and the Government’s intention to improve the way home buying and selling is carried out.
  • entitled to attend free CPD/ongoing training seminars/roadshows.
  • sent summaries and action points relating to recent important judgements such as the recent Dreamvar and Brabners cases.
  • able to ask questions and get responses from some of the country’s biggest lenders including, Santander and Lloyds Banking Group.
  • able to access the best priced legal services and products from companies like; Oyez; Groundsure; Redbrick; Searchflow; InfoTrack and many others.
  • able to ask any conveyancing related question that other BLG members will answer and comment on.

Escalating ground rents

I put this excel calculator together to demonstrate the effect of different doubling periods on different amounts of rent, with different start dates. Not all doubling is bad. The answer is more subtle. Play around and see what you think!
Download it here

Useful, contacts, books and resources for commercial property

Commercial Leases

New Law Society Commercial Leases - Nov 2017

Model Commercial Leases-

Commercial Lease Code

Property Development, Options, Overage, Highways, Easements, Covenants, etc

Property Development - Le Chat. Law Society Bookshop.
This is a must have for only £99! Best book on the subject by a long way and comes with a CD full of precedents.

Development Land: Overage & Clawback 2nd Ed. Jessel

Highway Law Sauvain. The only authoritative book on the subject.

The Law of Easements - Gale

Restrictive Covenants - A practical guide - A. Francis

Exclusivity Agreement and Non Disclosure Agreement - under tab marked 'Industry Involvement'

Residential long leases

For great explanations guidance and advice on Enfranchisement have a look at the Lease Advice Service


The best book is SDLT by Cox & Woolwich, pub Sweet & Maxwell Sept.2017.

For advice try:

Anne Humphrey, a specialist tax solicitor, who is always worth an email!

David Hannah at Cornerstone Tax, particularly high-value or foreign investors, trust arrangements and so on

Paul Clark at Cripps, Solicitors

Andrew Waddell at Wimslows who is keen to set up a retainer arrangement for a very modest monthly subscription to answer all your SDLT questions as they arise

Sarah Davies and Judith Pederzolli at PEM Accountants in Cambridge (especially 3%, MDR, mixed use, FTB relief, etc.)

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