Courses for property professionals

Current course list, further subjects available on request

Here is a sample of the courses that are all ready-to-go whenever you want them. I can also prepare custom 'pick and mix' seminars on subjects that you want.

Property update 2024

Commercial Property
All business tenancy developments plus Telecoms Code, planning, and development changes

Highways Law for property lawyers

What is a highway - definitions and creation of highways at statute and at common law. Problems of definition of the lateral and vertical extent of the highway. Maintenance and adoption of highways. Failure of s.38 procedures and the Advance Payments Code. Stopping up and variation of highway

Boundary issues for property lawyers, litigators and surveyors

Where is the boundary? LR plans were never intended to show the boundary and many disputes could be avoided if the real factors were understood! How to work out where the boundary is and other ways of dealing with neighbour disputes

Commercial Leases

The key points of a commercial lease, the premises, the term, rent frees, the rent, rent reviews, service charges, break clauses, user, terrorism, flooding signage repairing obligations,  forfeiture, alterations, alienation.

Reporting and Drafting

English is not often spoken by lawyers to clients, but jargon and legalese is. Result - complaints, misunderstanding and negligence claims. How to communicate effectively and meaningfully on commercial property issues

Options & Conditional contracts

Defining the condition. Commercial aspects, including option fees, option period, extensions of time, ,satisfactory planning permissions, CIL, Land Promotion agreements

Overage and Clawback

Overage - Definitions and distinctions. Five methods of retaining overage including the problems and advantages of each. Possible issues with lenders, assessment of value, percentages, deductions, market value calculations.SDLT treatment.

Practical Property Development issues

Practical problems encountered in considering site assemblies, vision splays, covenants, rights of light, boundaries, the unreliable nature of the LR plan. A very popular course!

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